Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gossip Girl

If you haven't heard,ratings for Gossip Girl have dropped tremendously.I had a feeling the show would get a bit boring with the main characters going their separate ways for college.But is it really that bad?I don't think so!It's fun to see Blair & Serena out of their school uniforms and in a different environment.(Although I did like how they made the uniforms look cute & edgy with bright stockings and boots).I guess the producers have noticed the drop of ratings because of special guests such as Tyra Banks,Tory Burch,Lady Gaga (11/16/9) and the addition of Hilary Duff's character Olivia Burke.It has also gotten a bit racier with the threesome between Dan,Vanessa & Olivia.I hope these additions will draw more viewers and increase the ratings!It certainly has caught my attention!

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