Friday, April 30, 2010

Venha de Novo o Amor

Top : Wet Seal
Skirt : Wet Seal
Sandals : DSW
Purse : Vintage
Sunnies : Wet Seal
Bracelets : Rave Girl & Limited Too
   Most of my outfit is from Wet Seal,because they had everything buy one get one 50 % off a few weeks ago.Although most of their stuff looks cheap I managed to find nice stuff.I received so many compliments today,from students,security guards.I love compliments,they make me feel good,and I feel good giving them :)
P.S My skirt has pockets :)
         Tomorrow I'm taking the SATs for the first time,I just don't feel prepared.I couldn't take a class because it got in the way of my college class and theater workshop.I'll just try my best and study online.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Come in my Cubicle & take out my Cuticles

Top : ?
Jeans : Wet Seal
Flats : LMTD2
Bracelet : Justice
        It was very chilly this morning so I threw on a thin fuchsia sweater from H&M,but then after school it was warm.These photos were taken by my nephew,who I spent the evening with.We ran errands for my mom while she napped,isn't that wonderful.Enjoy the weekend!
I have an analysis paper on Edgar Allan Poe to work on for my college writing class.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lock Me Down


Top : ?
Jeggings : Target
Flats : Justice
Necklace : present
Earrings : present 

I went on a trip with my college class to Poe Cottage,it was Edgar Allan Poe's last home and the place where his wife died.It was kind of creepy taking a tour of his house,I felt like an invader.But it was a really cool experience,being where Poe wrote Annabel Lee.My outfit was inspired a lot by my trip,Poe's poems are very gothic and have a macabre theme.Hence the pad locks on my top and me wearing black jeans instead of blue.Even the off the shoulder  tee is very "poetic".I could really see myself jamming at a poet fest in the Village or Central Park haha.
P.S I wore gold and silver flat sandals to school this morning but,it was raining so for the trip I changed to flats.

Mimi pays her Rent!

                      Here we are with Daphne(far right)

Top : ?
Skirt : Target
Tights : Forever 21
Flats : Justice
Necklace & Earrings : Tiffany &  Co.
Headband : Cookie's
         I wore this on Wednesday April 21st,2010.Today was a very special day for my theater workshop.Daphne Rubin-Vega came to our rehearsal,she was there to give us advice & tips,we also had a little Q & A time.She was a really down to earth person,she just seems like she could be my aunt or something haha.For those who don't know Miss Vega is an actress and singer from Panama,most famous for playing the original "Mimi" in Rent,meeting and getting to work with her was ah-mazhing!She participated in our warm-ups and games.When a girl showed up late she put on this deep theatrical voice and said "How dare you come late!Take a seat!"She is just such a real person,I can tell by how she was with us and the tight good-bye hug she gave me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Indian Dancing!
I'm bitchin' great hair the boys all like to stare.Love,Nyjah.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tear Drops

Top : Target
Jeans : LMTD2
Sneakers : Converse
Bracelets : ?
     I received many compliments on my outfit.I especially love the fun tiers on my top.One of my friends asked me if I were going to a party.haha.Today was a busy busy day!After school my Bengali friend took me to get my eyebrows threaded.My best friend is in the hospital due to a bad reaction to her medicine.So I paid her a visit & brought her a McChicken.I knew I would be walking a lot today so I wore Converse,but after a while my feet were hurting,it felt like there was a blade rubbing against my little toe.I apologize for the crappy iPhone photo quality,I have no idea where my camera is,I remember leaving it in my drawer!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flamingo Aboard

Top : Old Navy
Skirt with belt : F21
Sandals : LMTD2
Headband : LMTD2
          I wore this on Thursday April 14th.I was in such a rush to school this morning,I didn't have time to put on bracelets so I opted for a headband.These photos were taken at and by my best friend's apartment Natalie.Her little sister's bunk bed reminded me of a boat with the stair case.I could have worn a peach-ish camisole,but I wanted to wear my flamingo shirt :)
Check out the Jonas Brothers posters on Natalie's walls.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

check out the back of my tee :)
 Check out my gymnastics moves haha
Top : F21
Jeans : Wet Seal
Flats : LMTD2
Ring : ?
Bracelet : ?
Zipper Earrings : Justice
I had to pick up my nephew from preschool it was so hot I changed into bermudas.I later went to watch the boy's baseball game from my school.I wore this on April 12th.
Shorts : TJMaxx ? 

Baby Boom

Hoodie : Forever 21
Top : Target
Jeans : LMTD2
Shoes : Pierre Dumas
Bag : vintage
       This Sunday,my sister had two baby showers to attend,one in Queens and one in the Bronx.The moms to be were wearing the same exact blue dress and were both having boys due in May.We went to Queens Center Mall,they had all the basic mall stores plus Urban Outfitters.I grabbed whatever I could find and didn't even have time to throw on accessories.I bought these kitten heels in the Dominican Republic when I was 10 and in modeling school.They were my first pair of heels!

French Project

For my french project I had to write about an event I was attending and what I would wear.So I wrote about attending a Teen Vogue party.I would wear a black YSL dress,Givency heels,Lanvin bag,Chanel necklace,Cartier ring,Chloe perfume and Chanel lipstick.
My teacher just always has something negative to say,she looks at it and says why are the edges uneven.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Leather Studded Kiss

Top:Old Navy
Jeans:Wet Seal
Jacket:Forever 21
Necklace:Old Navy
            It was a bit rainy this morning so I based my outfit around this jacket.I added this teal top because I like the ruffles and the goldish-bronze detailing.My neck felt naked so I wore this cute heart shaped necklace.The jacket adds an edgy vibe to this girly ruffled top.I got a lot of compliments on my outfit,mostly my jacket.Have a fun weekend!
P.S. I had my 4 year old nephew take these photos because no one else was home.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Save our Home

Sunglasses:Old Navy
Bag:Target "Save Our Home"
    I almost wore this same outfit back in September.I wanted to change things up so I replaced the denim vest,cup cake earrings & bracelets.Aww,I remember when Sweet Butterscotch Candy was 4months old :)