Sunday, April 4, 2010

Works done by Students at FIT

These are some photos from one of the exhibits at F.I.T.These were done by a group of students from F.I.T,they were inspired by things like Bloomingdale's,Victoria Secret's & Mercedes Benz.This was outside of the museum,in the college,so we were allowed to take photos.

 Mercedes Benz heels
Poland Spring water bottle.(My favorite)
Bloomingdale's(another favorite,the students even did her make-up and hair)
A deck of cards.

Victoria Secret's (dissapointing)
Swarovski (very icy & cool,reminds me of a diamond)


  1. amazing! i love the big brown bags :))) and those shoes rock!

  2. I love to see student's exhibitions. Really so amazing what they created

  3. God these students are so talented, I love every single one creation!

  4. very interesting exhibition, the last dress is brilliant

  5. ahhh can i just say how jealous i am of your most recent purchases from f21 and uo?? i love love love that pale pink shirt and the paper bag waisted skirt! :) can't wait to see how you wear everything.

  6. haha so my original comment didn't go through, so i had to refresh your page and by accident i pasted another comment onto your site!
    oh jeez, i'm not fully i? :P

    anyway, i have to agree that the poland spring dress is my favorite. i can't get over the detailing in the back!

  7. hu?
    I don't have a pale pink shirt from F21 or a paper bag waisted skirt.
    thanks everyone for commenting :)
    it made me smile!