Sunday, February 28, 2010

2nd Snow Day of the year!

So glad I didn't have school today,the snow was too much and I needed a day off.It was the perfect day to make s'mores.First I tried it the old fashion way on the stove,but they ended up burning too much.So my sister and I put them in the toaster oven(best invention ever).They came out perfect,the chocolates and marshmallows were all melted together! yum

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Singin' in the Snow

Cami : Justice
Cardigan : Old Navy
Corduroy Skinnies : Justice
Coat : North Face
             I wore my Harajuku Lovers canvas sneakers to school,but for my college class I changed to my black boots because the streets were so slushy!It was hard walking fast around the campus without slipping to not be late for class.I had cute curls in my hair,but they got messed up with the weather and my hoodie.I will try to wake up earlier and take photos right after I get dressed,because by the time that I get home my hair and make-up looks a bit different.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skelanimals on a rainy day

Top : LMTD2
Hat : Target
               The rest of my outfit was pretty simple black jeggings and leather black boots,because it was raining.Today was the first day of the 2nd semester at Opening Act Theater Workshop,it was so much fun my best friend came.We have to come up with a play in 12 weeks and our theme might be love and identity.We played a game in which the acting coach played music (Bad Romance,Don't Stop Believin' and Tik Tok) we had to dance(most people just sang along) and when the music stopped we froze,and she would pick 2 people to come up and improvise.My skit was with my best friend she was my mother and I was the daughter we were in the playground and she didn't want to play with me so I snatcher her phone and explained to her to spend time with me.It was a lot of fun to get back at acting and meet new people.

Mail Time

I just love opening up new magazines and flipping through the glossy pages.First I quickly look through it,then I read the articles on the weekend.

Pink Check

Top : H&M
Jeans : LMTD2
Scarf : Justice
                Today was the warmest day of the week high of 44F so I wore black flats with studs on them.After school I visited my best friend in the hospital,we had fun playing Wii in the game room.The walk home was the longest 25 blocks ever!When I got home I was exhausted,my feet were tired and I was starving,so we ordered yummy Sicilian pizza.

Friday, February 19, 2010

With Love

Long Sleeve:LMTD2
Jeans:Wet Seal
Green Bracelet:Gift

Shopping with my friend

I saw this awesome skirt at a thrift shop for like $6,the zipper was broken & it didn't fit me,so upsetting.

This cute dress was from Target,they were 2 for $15,the man in the wheel chair was staring at me try stuff on haha.
Another cute dress the thrift shop.
I saw these pretty heels for $24.99 but I don't wear heels unless its a special occasion,so I didn't get them.My sister thinks they're ugly.
But I did buy this skirt for $9.99 at A.J Wright!My friend bought the same one.It is a bit long on me so I would pull it up to make it shorter.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

On the right is what I wore this year & on the left is what I wore last year.I don't have a photo of myself this year because well my pants got dirty right when I was about to take the picture.Last year Valentine's Day was sooo much warmer than this year.I went all out,my studs were hearts,I even had a cupid tattoo on my arm
What I wore Last Year:
Top - Target
Shorts with suspenders - LMTD2
Tights - ?
Flats - LMTD2
Bow - from my Snow White costume back when I was a year old
Bracelet - Target

What I wore This Year:
Top - Borrowed
Blazer - I've had it since forever,I think it might be from Target
Jeans - Wet Seal
Brown Boots - Rave Girl

Friday, February 12, 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead at his luxurious flat in Green Park,London.He took away his own life at the young age of 40 days after his mother,Joyce died.This is just sad,he was in the prime of his career.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back in Black

Top : my sister's haha
Pants :Target
Boots : Gap
Bracelet : H&M
Ring : H&M
              I wanted to wear all black because I think it looks nice against my dark brown hair.I'm wearing my shirt backwards because it looks better and is more interesting.As for my make-up I did a bronze eyeliner with nude eyeshadow & light brown lips.One of my classmates said I look nice in all black.Do you agree?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Blue da ba dee

Tee-Taylor Swift
Boots-RIght On
                             Today our gymnastics team went to watch a boy's gymnastics competition,it was pretty cool.My brother's bff is on the team so he tagged along.After we went to the park and did some gymnastics moves until like 8:45pm.I like how the teal skirt adds a pop of color and doesn't really match because the shirt has purple and silver,but the colors complement each other.

Eye see you!

I like how I did my make-up this morning,I got several compliments which makes me happy! haha
I just used a nude colored eyeshadow by NYX and a navy blue eyeliner from Bourjois.I wore navy blue eyeliner because I had a gymnastics competition and my school colors are navy blue and silver.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some old photos I found

My older sister Natalie is a make-up artist,we like to play around with different looks at home.My sister did one eye and I did the other.We went for an Audrey Hepburn look with the black winged eyeliner.I wanted to try pink lipstick after seeing it on Katy Perry.What do you think?
Ignore my big pj shirt haha

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You Fancy Me

Top:Belongs to that girl next to me!
Ring:Forever 21
                        I wanted to wear something professional yet playful because I was registering for college writing classes with my friend.The vest is professional,but when attached to the shirt playful.haha It was also the first day back at school,I over slept and came like 10 minutes late.It was an overall good day.I got my new schedule nothing changed really,I still have law class yay!