Friday, October 29, 2010

Paris Nights

Tunic : Old Navy/Oxford : Rainbow/Earrings : ?

   My summer job had a reunion party at a recreation center in Manhattan.I knew it would be pretty informal and I would have to walk long blocks from the bus stop,so I didn't bother wearing heels.I have been saving this top for a night time event because of the sequins,I've had it for over a year! I "danced" to bachata with my best friend who was my plus one,until some 13 year old boy taught us how to dance properly.We ate pizza,played foose ball,signed up for salsa classes,internships and a college readiness program,I hope to hear back from all,especially the internship.
         Have you been to any reunions?

My blog will be a year old tomorrow!

Monday, October 25, 2010

we're face to face but we don't see eye to eye

haha my horrible face
Dress : Hollister Co. : $6.90
Panel Leggings : my sister's
Oxfords : Rainbow
Spider Necklace : Forever 21
    I took my senior portraits on 10.21,I liked my poses.The photographer said since I was extraordinary I got special poses where I was showing my back and he let me see my photos :) I really want a pair of navy blue Sperry Topsiders,I saw the other day for $19.99,I also want nude oxfords,but when I went to buy them,they ran out!I went shopping this weekend at Forever 21,Charlotte Russe,Old Navy & H&M.Check out the sales at Old Navy,if you "like" Old Navy on Facebook,they give you a 50% coupon for one piece of outerwear.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spirit Week 2010

Dress : H&M $5!
Tights : Forever 21
Heels : MIA
Blazer : ?
   Yesterday was Dress for Success Day for the seniors.Most people came in skirts that were too short AND too tight!I opted for a looser simple dress.I love how it drapes on one neck side its sexay :)

Walky Talky Day :)

oh and I cut my hair into shorter layers for senior portraits today.I'm so excited to put new photos!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

UVM for the 2nd time!

Top : Rave Girl
Blazer : ?
Jeggings : American Eagle Outfitters
Sneakers : Converse (Red)
Sunnies : F21
Necklace : F21
Bracelet : ?
   This is my 2nd time visiting the University of Vermont,this was taken our first day there;the 10th of October at one of the student centers playing pool.Sorry for the lack of photos,I have yet to find my camera's wire.I got to sleep with a sophomore,she had her own suite with her own bathroom,shes had that dorm since her freshmen year which I thought was awesome!We mostly had a lot of discussions,but I got to sit for a political science class & go downtown with my friends.After visiting UVM for the 2nd time & going shopping downtown this is definitely a school I wouldn't mind attending.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dress : Forever 21
Leggings : ?
Boots : DSW
Bracelet : ?
Jacket : Forever 21
  I wore this on Thursday October 20th.I always wait for the end of the week to put my hair up,which turned out great because I was able to showcase the back of my dress :) Why did everyone decide to compliment me the day I wear a tight dress?Everyone from straight girls,lesbians,guys I don't talk to,even my guy friends.
  I left to Vermont on Sunday & came back this evening with 10 students from my school & our college counselor.We are staying at University of Vermont all expenses paid because my school has a partnership with them & Jet  Blue airlines is providing FREE airfare!I went on the Spring overnight trip,but this trip will be different since there will be college students on campus & we're staying for 3 days not 2.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Senior Prepster

Button Down : Target
Pants : Converse One Star via Target
Cardigan : Target
Shoes : Converse
Nails : Orly via Teen Vogue Block Party
Necklace : Forever 21 (birthday present)
Earrings : Limited Too

   I wore this to school on October 16th,a chilly Wednesday.I probably should have brought a scarf,but whatever I'm alive!I had theater workshop at school,we are creating original characters,10 will be chosen for our play at the end of the semester.My character was inspired by my teacher's New York University cap tassel.Emiliene,my character is a college junior who is loosing her scholarship money because she has to take care of her mom who  lost both her legs and arms in a car accident.I hope I can develop my character into a very intense,dramatic persona.I found an Orly nail polish in school "Sugar Plum" no one claimed it,I asked around so now its mine!

Monday, October 4, 2010

17th Celebration

my bracelets & VIRGIN strawberry daquiri
in front of BBQs 42nd st
at Forever 21 flagship store

whip cream on my face!
cheetah bangles!

Blouson Top : H&M
Skirt : Aeropostale
Tights : ?
Heels : MIA
Bag : Target
Bracelets : My sister's
           Since my birthday was on Friday,I went out for dinner at BBQs on 42nd street with my friends.The food was really good, but came in huge portions so I shared with my best friend shrimp  & ribs with fries and corn bread.How southern? haha I went to Sephora and picked up my FREE birthday gift which included white eyeshadow,green eyeliner and black mascara.I was looking at a cute bike necklace from F21,my best friend's friend took it while I turned around and bought it for me!How sweet of her!My best friend bought me along sleeve purple shirt from Gap with argyle crew socks,one of my other friends bought me a cute Asian plush toy.

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's my 17th birthday!

my sister made me do this

Revlon pink matte lipstick

Transparent Top : H&M
Pants : Target
Belt : ?
Necklace : Chanel
Flats : Limited Too 
Bag : Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Yay I'm 17!Not such a special year,18 is better,but I've always thought 17 means you can be sassy and a bit of a rebel because its your last year under the control of your parents.My lovely friends brought me chocolate cake & chocolate cupcakes to school.I left school a bit early because my French teacher was absent,so my best friend and I went looking for oxfords.We're going back on Monday,I think I'll buy a nude pair and maybe cognac boots.Tomorrow I'm suppose to go to acting class then to a fashion exhibit & out to dinner with friends at Times Square.