Monday, September 27, 2010

Grey Gardens

my awkward elbows
Skirt : Wet Seal
V-Neck : Aeropostale (free Seventeen Magazine promo)
Sandals : Limited Too
Cardigan : Target

    I wore this on September 21st and I'm holding on tightly to the last days of summer.I'm so happy my hair looks good in these photos,for once it isn't puffy!It's almost always a bit chilly in the morning,but by the time I'm in school its hot,but I left my cardi on most of the day because I like to balance my outfits (short on the bottom,long on the top) it keeps things from becoming trashy.Is anyone in the stressful college application process?I am,its just stressful having to figure out the next 4 years of your life in a couple months.I wrote two essays,one on comparing myself to Blair Waldorf and the other explaining how spraining my ankle made me a stronger person.Lets see which one my AP English teacher thinks is stronger.Speaking of AP,I am now taking two languages,French 5 and AP Spanish!We had a project due today on a Hispanic country or person to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.I chose Oscar de la Renta,the Dominican designer,my poster came out gorgeous!I completed it during my lunch period,and its not too shabby :)
    Any interesting school projects my lovely bloggers?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chips & Salsa

I look like a douche haha

why so serious?
obviously not camera ready haha
Dress : American Eagle Outfitters ($9.95)
Jacket :Target ($13.60)
Wedges : Local Store
Sunnies : Forever 21 ($5.80)
Bracelets : sister's
Bag : Ebisu via Daffy's ($19.99)
     I wore this to school on September 20th 2010  I bought this dress last Sunday,I bought it in a size 10 because all they had was a 0,2,4,12 and 14.Although it fits me big,and the straps fall off sometimes I still like it!I don't really wear tiered dresses,and I don't wear that much floral so I thought I'd buy it and try something new.This dress makes me want to go dance salsa!I love the little zipper in the bustier part,it adds a bit of edge to the dress.I've realized I haven't worn this jacket without rolling up the sleeves,weird huh? I guess because it makes me feel more feminine.
      Have you bloggers tried anything new in fashion,or stick to things like rolling up your sleeves?

P.S. My French teacher said I look very collegiate,I told her "I gotta dress the part" :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Modern Take on a Classic

Button Down : H&M
Jeans : Gap
Wedges : Limited Too(old)
Necklace : Forever 21
Bracelets : H&M (old)
Belt : Target
    I wore this on September 16th 2010.I love this outfit & its mostly because of the top.I've been eyeing it at H&M and finally bought it when they were buy 1 get 1 free,so I bought another one in cream.Its sheer,has dots & a long bow!What more could I ask for?I think the long bow is my favorite part,it makes the top unique & polished.My mum made me wear a white cami under because she said it wasn't school appropriate -_- But anyway,I still received nice compliments,students were like where are you going after school? I don't think I need to go somewhere to look put together.I love button downs in the fall
      P.S To answer the question a few bloggers asked me on my last post;I've NEVER waxed.I've always gotten my eyebrows threaded,it takes longer to grow back and I feel that it is more precise.It does hurt and I got a few cuts the first time but I'm used to it :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Maid for Plaid!

I got my eyebrows threaded with a higher arch

Tee : Target
Button Down : Walmart
Jeans : Gap
Flats : Limited Too
                     I wore this on Saturday Sept. 11th 2010.  I've been into button down lately,I bought 2 from H&M last night,they were buy one get one free!I just like having the option of wearing a tank under and leaving it open,buttoning it up or wearing a cute vest over.They can be dressed up or down,I decided to wear them down today because it was my first day at improv class at The PIT (2 blocks from Fashion Institute of Tech).I found out about the class through my theater workshop at school,they were offering free slots and of course I took that wonderful opportunity.It's kind of weird that I'm the least experienced person in my class,some kids were in commercials,plays,pagents etc.It is an Saturday 8 week program,ending in a performance.Another great thing to add to my acting resume!

P.S. RIP Twin Towers & all those who have been affected by it,I send my condolences.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Denim on Denim #2

This is the short version of my size changeable earrings.
V-Neck : Gilly Hicks ($6.90)
Denim Button Down : Gap
Cropped Jeans : Gap
Sandals : Madden Girl
Earrings : Old Navy ($2.99)
    I wore this on Labor Day morning for some food shopping,we went clothes shopping but I didn't see anything I wanted to buy,since I went shopping the day before haha =] Did you bloggers get any Labor Day deals?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

Teen Vogue fashion show

She was sweet & fun to talk to,great host.

silly pic with Shenae Grimes,I look terrible haha

VV Brown live!

Bergdorf's window was a singing drag queen!
karaoke with Nicole at BG

             Nicole Richie picked 2 of my friends & I to karaoke with her,although I couldn't get a photo with her because the body guards were in the way,but I found some online!
Blouse : Hollister
Tank : H&M
Jacket : Target
Jeggings : American Eagle Outfitters
Sandals : Limited Too
     I felt so blessed because I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it to Fashion's Night Out because my summer theater friends and I had a class reunion.It was one month since we haven't seen each other,so we hung out on Governor's Island,we hung out from 11:30am -5pm.The girls from my class and I immediately headed to the West Village for the Teen Vogue Block Party & then to Bergdorf Goodman.I didn't expect us to take picture with Shenae Grimes & Nicole Richie or let alone karaoke with her!Thank the Lord I live in such a great city with wonderful people.I love New York!
I found these getty images of us karaoking on Perez Hilton's fashion website
Here is the video of us karaoking I'm in the 1:50 minute mark,but you can hear my voice the whole time haha

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

but I like smiling!

I figured I shouldn't smile

my eyes closed >_<

Can anyone guess what grade I entered?
V-Neck : Target $5.60
Shorts : Target
Blazer : Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez
Shoes : Roxy
Jade Ring : gift from China
Bracelet : Wet Seal
It was suppose to be in the 70s and a 20% chance of rain so I went with sneakers.It's 8:45pm,its hot and it hasn't rained!I would have taken photos in my school but we have scanning and aren't allowed to bring electronics,if other kids are able to sneak electronics in so can I!I have to find a way.Check out my tumblr for stories from my school day.Enjoy Rosh Hashanah,I have a 4 day weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not So Sweet 16

Dress : Forever 21
Jacket : Target
Sandals : Madden Girl
Bracelets : Amrita Singh via ($36)
Earrings : Old Navy ($2.99)
Purse : Vintage
                                       This is so upsetting I cannot find the wire for my camera therefore I can't put any photos from the Katy Perry concert & sweet 16 I went to on August 27th.These photos and my future photos will have to be taken with my sister's iPhone until I find my wire.Anyways!My bff invited me to the surprise sweet 16 of one of her Jamaican friend's from junior high.It took place in the downstairs hall of a Brazilian restaurant  in Mt.Vernon,NY.I thought because the restaurant was Brazilian sound would the food.But the food turned out to be Jamaican,which I don't mind but I was hoping for churrasco :) I ate salad with different meats such as fried chicken,curry goat and spicy steak.I also snacked on mini beef patties,my favorite,yum!The party was suppose to start at 7pm so we arrived at 8 but it didn't start until 9pm so for an hour we snacked on the candy and fruits laid out.The dj ONLY played Jamaican music,I couldn't understand the music & the only way to dance to it is grinding/dry sex,so we all danced to the electric slide.It was boring because I like dancing & my friend didn't like any of the girls there,so we were mostly to ourselves.We got a ride from a boy at the party who is in my school,it was kinda scary because I'm not really close to him.I got home at 1:30am and my mom said I'm never doing this again.But I don't believe that!

P.S Make-up done by my sister & I did my hair :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Bits

A week ago we found a butterfly and I put it in this little vase with a flower,it was there for a few hours.My puppies were going crazy!That's my Target hat that my mom paid ONE dollar for!Super steal.
Shrek Colors by OPI
The base color is green,but kept coming out yellow in photos :(

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Wang Clan

This wonderful Alexander Wang jacket isn't actually denim its lambskin leather.How cool is that?I saw a look alike that doesn't do it justice because it is actually denim at Target for $30.
This jacket has been spotted on many fashionable it-girls such as Blake Lively,Rihanna,Lindsay Lohan and Dasha Zhukova.
I'd like to thank EVERYONE who commented on my last post,it was the most comments I've ever received thanks bloggers!It has made me want to blog more!I haven't left home in the past few days because I haven't been feeling well,but that does NOT stop me from posting!Don't forget to check out my tumblr & tell me what you think!Enjoy :)