Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Maid for Plaid!

I got my eyebrows threaded with a higher arch

Tee : Target
Button Down : Walmart
Jeans : Gap
Flats : Limited Too
                     I wore this on Saturday Sept. 11th 2010.  I've been into button down lately,I bought 2 from H&M last night,they were buy one get one free!I just like having the option of wearing a tank under and leaving it open,buttoning it up or wearing a cute vest over.They can be dressed up or down,I decided to wear them down today because it was my first day at improv class at The PIT (2 blocks from Fashion Institute of Tech).I found out about the class through my theater workshop at school,they were offering free slots and of course I took that wonderful opportunity.It's kind of weird that I'm the least experienced person in my class,some kids were in commercials,plays,pagents etc.It is an Saturday 8 week program,ending in a performance.Another great thing to add to my acting resume!

P.S. RIP Twin Towers & all those who have been affected by it,I send my condolences.


  1. I like button downs too for that same reason. You look great in plaid and your brows are fab :) Happy weekend, sweetie!

  2. I'm a fan of plaid button ups too! :) How bad does threading hurt? If you've had them waxed, does it hurt more or less?

  3. Qué chula la camisa en azul :) yo tengo dos o tres con cuadros también.. tuve una época que me dio mucho por los cuadros jeje

  4. Did you find the threading painful at all - I'm really curious about it...

    And I'm soooo jealous that you may go to a masquerade themed wedding. Lucky!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Me encantan las bailarinas!!

  6. I love plaid! I just posted a really similar one - flannel shirt and skinny jeans all the way, baby!

    I'm jealous of your brows, I was just plucking mine and decided that I hate them both. Gahhh.

  7. plaid button downs are just the best! Yours looks adorable!! xxx

  8. Yo son los primeros que me compro :).
    Un beso.

  9. YOu look lovely in these photos! I'm liking the studded flats!