Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not So Sweet 16

Dress : Forever 21
Jacket : Target
Sandals : Madden Girl
Bracelets : Amrita Singh via guilt.com ($36)
Earrings : Old Navy ($2.99)
Purse : Vintage
                                       This is so upsetting I cannot find the wire for my camera therefore I can't put any photos from the Katy Perry concert & sweet 16 I went to on August 27th.These photos and my future photos will have to be taken with my sister's iPhone until I find my wire.Anyways!My bff invited me to the surprise sweet 16 of one of her Jamaican friend's from junior high.It took place in the downstairs hall of a Brazilian restaurant  in Mt.Vernon,NY.I thought because the restaurant was Brazilian sound would the food.But the food turned out to be Jamaican,which I don't mind but I was hoping for churrasco :) I ate salad with different meats such as fried chicken,curry goat and spicy steak.I also snacked on mini beef patties,my favorite,yum!The party was suppose to start at 7pm so we arrived at 8 but it didn't start until 9pm so for an hour we snacked on the candy and fruits laid out.The dj ONLY played Jamaican music,I couldn't understand the music & the only way to dance to it is grinding/dry sex,so we all danced to the electric slide.It was boring because I like dancing & my friend didn't like any of the girls there,so we were mostly to ourselves.We got a ride from a boy at the party who is in my school,it was kinda scary because I'm not really close to him.I got home at 1:30am and my mom said I'm never doing this again.But I don't believe that!

P.S Make-up done by my sister & I did my hair :)


  1. J'aime beaucoup ce look, et merci pour ton gentil commentaire ♥

  2. i love ur outfit! what a cute dress

  3. Ooh I love that dress! Sounds like quite an adventure, but that's what being young is all about, eh?! ;)

  4. I'm in love with that dress--it's such a great color on you! You are so pretty! Sounds like an interesting? night. Food sounds delicious, but the bumping and grinding? Not so much! My momma was/is pretty protective of me, too, but I know I'm going to be ten times worse if I ever have kids.

  5. That is such a pretty dress! Love how you paired it with the denim jacket. So chic!


  6. Love the dress - you look great!

  7. Love that color pink w/ the jean jacket!

  8. You look ADORABLE! I love that dress on you; what a fab color!
    xo Josie

  9. Love that dress :) x

  10. you look really great...i love that colour!

  11. Cute peachy dress--too bad about the non-Brazilian food and the rest of the evening!

    (Oh, and my shorts are surprisingly good for the hip area--I'm not super-skinny myself and they're actually quite flattering) : )

  12. this is SUCH a cute dress!!!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  13. u look amazing!! so beautiful!! love ur hair style

    kisses! =)