Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Potato salad
My mom made rice with arenque(fish,popular in Haiti) with tostones(fried plantains) and spaghetti with ham.I didn't really like the arenque it tasted like bad breath,but everything else was good.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Comparisions are easily done,once you have a taste of perfecition

On top is an image from
On bottom is me! 
We're both wearing black dotted tights & black draped skirts!

French Project

                              Chanel Spring/Summer 2010
For Spring Break,my French teacher assigned us a 2 part project.The first part is a paragraph including the event we're attending,description of the outfit and the designer for each item.The second part is a poster depicting the outfit.I am so excited to research a French designer for my event.I've chosen to be part of Paris Fashion week,so I will be wearing Parisian Haute Couture.My research involves Christian Dior Fall Winter 2010 and Chanel Spring/Summer 2010.Can't wait to show the end results!
Feel free to give me any suggestions,they will be more than welcomed!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I just made a chictopia!I've checked out the website before,but never really thought about making one until suggested I made one.So check me out I'm theoctoberissue.I really think I'm going to get addicted to this thing!

City Casual

     Top:F21/Leggings:H&M/Booties:Target/Ring:?/Studs:Gift/Belt:sister's/Bracelets:Wet Seal/Hair Bows:F21

It was a windy day in New York City,but it was the last day of school(spring break)!Finally some time of my hectic schedule.My friends and I celebrated by going to Little Italy in the Bronx,NY & buying philly cheese steak pizza,it was okay,it tasted more like a sandwich than a pizza.I think I'll stick to my pepperoni & extra cheese.
P.S Photos taken by my nephew

My mom's vintage white quilted leather bag

Yay,hand-me downs!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike

Here is Tavi Williams of wearing the same Gap blazer as I am!I showed my mom this photo and she said"She dresses kinda crazy."

Monday, March 22, 2010

You look kinda cute in that polka dot bikini girl...

Tank : Rainbow/Top : Rainbow/Jeans : LMTD2/Sneakers : Bom Bini


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Read all About it

Someone should buy me theses books from UO :)

Zebra,Stripes & Smiley Faces

Waverly Place!
Top : Rave Girl
Blazer : Macy's
Jeans : Aeropastle
Flats : LMTD2
Scarf : LMTD2
Headband : sister's
Bag : ?
      I had a Master Acting Class with my theater workshop club.It was so much fun,we learned about auditions,monologues and college.We worked on the first two lines of a monologue using different tones.My first one was rushed and the second was carefree.It was a great experience on the acting business.We walked around the Chelsea neighborhood and enjoyed the sunny weather.A camera man bought my friend and I hot dogs and video taped them for Bobby Flay's new show on NBC coming out this fall.Only our fingers will show due to media release forms.Had such a great time!

These boots were made for walking & that's just what I'll do!

Dress : LMTD2
Little Cover-up: LMTD2
Boots : Rainbow
Bracelet : Gift
    It was like 70 degrees today and I only had 3 classes of school because of parent teacher conference.I wanted to wear my white cardigan from Gap,but couldn't find it,so I threw this on.Since I got out early I went to stores in my neighborhood and had lunch at McDonald's.I ate a McChicken and Oreo McFlurry while watching my school's boy baseball team practice.Then I went to go play tennis with my best friend and ran into my other best friend so we all played together!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Fedora at UO
I told my friend to buy me this when I get accepted :)
Wants this for the fall!
Top : Request
Pants : H&M
Flats : LMTD2
Bag : Polo
Jacket : H&M
          My French class had a trip to watch a French movie.The movie was about the black market during a war,it was pretty boring.Afterwards we were suppose to get on the train with my teacher,but we convinced her that we had to get on a different train than her and a few of us went off on our own little adventure.We went into H&M,Shoemoo,Levi's,Urban Outfitters and ate lunch in McDonald's.I had to go home early for a college class,so our day was ended short,but we all had fun!

Streets of Manhattan

We were walking to the train station with my class and I just had to stop and take some photos.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lookin' Sharp

Today was my induction ceremony to the National Honor Society,I was a bit stressed out because my mom made me half an hour late.I hate being late to things,its gives such a bad impression.We all had to wear black on the bottom and white on the top,I tried to make this color combo fun and sophisticated.I had a good time,the food was delicious.Can't wait for more NHS events!

Top : French Toast
Skirt : F21
Tights : F21
Heels : Macy's
Blazer : ?
Headband : ?
Belt : ?

What I bought at Jersey Gardens

$6.99 at Forever 21
$8.80 at Forever 21
I've been wanted these for months & I finally found them at F21 for $4.80!!!

Window Shopping at Jersey Gardens

Purple at Zumiez!
Pin stripped romper.
I love this color!
Purple at Walmart!