Thursday, March 18, 2010


Fedora at UO
I told my friend to buy me this when I get accepted :)
Wants this for the fall!
Top : Request
Pants : H&M
Flats : LMTD2
Bag : Polo
Jacket : H&M
          My French class had a trip to watch a French movie.The movie was about the black market during a war,it was pretty boring.Afterwards we were suppose to get on the train with my teacher,but we convinced her that we had to get on a different train than her and a few of us went off on our own little adventure.We went into H&M,Shoemoo,Levi's,Urban Outfitters and ate lunch in McDonald's.I had to go home early for a college class,so our day was ended short,but we all had fun!

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