Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Heart China Town

Top : Anastasia Brows worn inside out
Vest : Old Navy (from like 5 or more years ago)
Jeans : LMTD2
Flats : Justice
Studs : LMTD2
Bangles : Rainbow
                    Now that I think about it I should have worn a cute ring.I went to China Town with my sister and brother.I bought these sunglasses for $12.I love 'em,I feel like Demi Lovato in them or Rachel Bilson haha.My other sister said "Why are you wearing a caveman vest?" I replied "It's now Caveman,its Old Navy." ha that shut her up!This was my casual way of wearing a  faux fur vest,I could have also worn black skinny jeans,but whatevs.


  1. awww cute photos! I really want to visit china town :)

    thanks for your comment - I can't believe you lost your aviators on a roller coaster! how depressing!



  2. I once ran over my ray bans ahah. hope that makes you feel betetr