Friday, March 12, 2010

MAC Model!

Top: Target
Coat : Old Navy
         I went to school for 2 periods and came back home.My sister had an interview with MAC Cosmetics and needed a model,so she chose me!Since it was the MAC Pro store,there was an area where they shoot models and a bunch of make-up counters.It was in a loft-type place with a huge window,I would love to work or live in a place like that.They had all the models in the waiting area,of course I was the youngest.It was how I would want my living room to be.There was a coffee table full of magazines,and three bookshelves full of make-up books and a Marilyn Monroe book.I read Vogue Italia while I waited to be called.My sister had 20 minutes to do my make-up,she had to incorporate black eyeliner and a red/orange lipstick.I would really wear this lip color.Overall,it was a really cool experience.


  1. sounds like so much fun! :)

    Love vanilla

  2. It was!
    The worst part was going outside to the rain.