Sunday, March 21, 2010

Zebra,Stripes & Smiley Faces

Waverly Place!
Top : Rave Girl
Blazer : Macy's
Jeans : Aeropastle
Flats : LMTD2
Scarf : LMTD2
Headband : sister's
Bag : ?
      I had a Master Acting Class with my theater workshop club.It was so much fun,we learned about auditions,monologues and college.We worked on the first two lines of a monologue using different tones.My first one was rushed and the second was carefree.It was a great experience on the acting business.We walked around the Chelsea neighborhood and enjoyed the sunny weather.A camera man bought my friend and I hot dogs and video taped them for Bobby Flay's new show on NBC coming out this fall.Only our fingers will show due to media release forms.Had such a great time!


  1. I love the top, it is really cute. I also like the blazer added with it. Your look is very nauitcal. Cute outfit.