Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'd Walk a Thousand Miles if I Could Just See You...

Cami : LMTD2
Cardigan : ?
Jacket : H&M
Jeans : Macy's?
             Well today was very adventurous!I went on a trip to a college fair,it was okay,none of the colleges really interested me.We got back to school at 11:30am we were suppose to go back to class but my friends and I just went home because my mom told me to haha.So my friend and I went into a neighborhood store and saw cute floral skirts for $9.99 we are definitely going to buy some when it gets warmer.To get to the crazy part of my day my friend left her keys at home and we both had to urinate.So we went into the hospital,I asked the man at the desk "May you direct me to the bathroom?"He laughed and gave me directions haha.This photo was taken in the bathroom stall,I used to do this stuff in elementary.Anyways so we went to get the keys from her little sister who was in school.Her apartment is cute,there living room is light green and the other wall is yellow.After all the walking I can honestly say it was fun.We took lots of photos on her computer.
            Oh yeah and today is my little brother's 15th birthday.We had ice cream cake from Carvel it was yummy!Ugh,my feet are killing me!


  1. thanks.It felt like I walked a thousand miles that day.

  2. I like the cami it's really cute, i like that it has glitter on it. And i like the title too.

  3. Thanks,I have the same cami in brown with gold sequins.