Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Minds Think Alike

Here is Tavi Williams of thestylerookie.com wearing the same Gap blazer as I am!I showed my mom this photo and she said"She dresses kinda crazy."


  1. Wish I could get that blazer too! It's very cute :]

  2. that is a really nice blazer

  3. oh yeash same dress
    looks bit funny

    hey thanks for comment

    you know something
    with out any treatment gold wont shine,
    burn it on fire, after they rub it with stone, later gold will shine
    not only gold, for every object, take mobile
    before it was a metal, how come it becomes mobile,
    god send few bad people to us, they will try to spoil our life, and later he will sped good people to make our life meaningfull it depends on us whom we choose good or bad

    looks like philosophy

    but its true

    take care have fun

  4. looks great on this beautiful top

  5. Thanks,I've had the blazer for yearsss.I want to wear it with shorts when it gets warmer.

  6. I really like her heels and shorts. Those heels are just adorable.