Sunday, March 28, 2010

French Project

                              Chanel Spring/Summer 2010
For Spring Break,my French teacher assigned us a 2 part project.The first part is a paragraph including the event we're attending,description of the outfit and the designer for each item.The second part is a poster depicting the outfit.I am so excited to research a French designer for my event.I've chosen to be part of Paris Fashion week,so I will be wearing Parisian Haute Couture.My research involves Christian Dior Fall Winter 2010 and Chanel Spring/Summer 2010.Can't wait to show the end results!
Feel free to give me any suggestions,they will be more than welcomed!


  1. You should talk about Fendi or Michael Kors. That should be great for your project.

  2. They have to be French designers.So far I have a bunch of Dior & Chanel haute couture gowns on my computer.I really don't know which to choose,I'm going to look through magazines later.

  3. love love dior and chanel haute couture!
    god i will my assignments were that interesting

  4. haha yeah
    our unit is on clothing,I can't wait to do my poster.