Thursday, March 4, 2010

Burgundy;the color of my uniform freshman year.

Ugh,my hips look bigger than usual.You can't deny that I'm Dominican haha

My brother and father share this closet type thing.It could be neater.

The detailing on my top.
Top : Target
Jeans : Wet Seal
Sneakers : Quipid
Studs : Christmas gift
Bracelets : LMTD 2 & Rave
       I got compliments on my top and my friend said my jeans fit rather nicely.I got accepted to the National Honor Society,French Club and French Honor Society in my school!I wasn't really excited because I already knew that I would most likely get in.I think I would have been more surprised if a certain girl hadn't walked into my classroom rejoicing because she got in.But whatever,she was excited I would have done the same thing.Congrats to all of us :)

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