Saturday, March 6, 2010

Faux Fur is the Vest!

Faux fur has been everywhere!Especially faux fur vests,they can be worn in the winter for layering,in the spring with a cute floral blouses and in the fall to keep you warm.This morning I was cleaning out my closet and found two!One is creme and the other is black zippered with 2 studded buckles on the bottom.I remember wearing a red one on Valentine's Day in junior high.
I'm planning on reworking these pieces into my wardrobe very soon.Maybe tomorrow,when I go to China Town.
Do you like faux fur vests?
What should I wear with mine?


  1. i love faux fur vests! :D so chic.

  2. I know,they make a plain outfit chic instantly.

  3. love these, especially the first one. I layer mine over everything!