Monday, September 27, 2010

Grey Gardens

my awkward elbows
Skirt : Wet Seal
V-Neck : Aeropostale (free Seventeen Magazine promo)
Sandals : Limited Too
Cardigan : Target

    I wore this on September 21st and I'm holding on tightly to the last days of summer.I'm so happy my hair looks good in these photos,for once it isn't puffy!It's almost always a bit chilly in the morning,but by the time I'm in school its hot,but I left my cardi on most of the day because I like to balance my outfits (short on the bottom,long on the top) it keeps things from becoming trashy.Is anyone in the stressful college application process?I am,its just stressful having to figure out the next 4 years of your life in a couple months.I wrote two essays,one on comparing myself to Blair Waldorf and the other explaining how spraining my ankle made me a stronger person.Lets see which one my AP English teacher thinks is stronger.Speaking of AP,I am now taking two languages,French 5 and AP Spanish!We had a project due today on a Hispanic country or person to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.I chose Oscar de la Renta,the Dominican designer,my poster came out gorgeous!I completed it during my lunch period,and its not too shabby :)
    Any interesting school projects my lovely bloggers?


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous and that color looks fabulous on u! Pretty skirt...wonder if you'll have to pack it in for the season now. I actually wore boots for the first time today....

    Hope you're having a great Monday! xoxo

  2. Your hair does look super pretty! I am also loving your skirt, and I agree about balancing something revealing with something covering! You're a champ for taking 2 AP languages! :) I have to start thinking about grad school since I'm in my last year of college, which is pretty stressful too! :/

  3. me encanta el color de la camiseta!:)

  4. Thanks for the sweet message! ;)
    Ooh that project of yours sounds so interesting... on my side, I just finished off a 20-page dissertation on the choice of a child's first name (Civil law). Wonder if you'll find that interesting! :P
    Lovely outfit, I love soft colors!


  5. Oh, parfait! Vous pouvez parlez Francais avec moi ma belle!

    C'est geniale ca!



  6. I love this color combo on you! Gorgeous.
    xo Josie

  7. a cute casual outfit, love it! ;)

  8. LOVE that skirt.. :)