Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skelanimals on a rainy day

Top : LMTD2
Hat : Target
               The rest of my outfit was pretty simple black jeggings and leather black boots,because it was raining.Today was the first day of the 2nd semester at Opening Act Theater Workshop,it was so much fun my best friend came.We have to come up with a play in 12 weeks and our theme might be love and identity.We played a game in which the acting coach played music (Bad Romance,Don't Stop Believin' and Tik Tok) we had to dance(most people just sang along) and when the music stopped we froze,and she would pick 2 people to come up and improvise.My skit was with my best friend she was my mother and I was the daughter we were in the playground and she didn't want to play with me so I snatcher her phone and explained to her to spend time with me.It was a lot of fun to get back at acting and meet new people.


  1. I really miss school and drama class :( Your top however is such a cute colour :)

    Love vanilla

  2. Thanks this is my 2nd semester in my school's theater workshop.
    haha yeah it is a catchy song :)