Thursday, February 25, 2010

Singin' in the Snow

Cami : Justice
Cardigan : Old Navy
Corduroy Skinnies : Justice
Coat : North Face
             I wore my Harajuku Lovers canvas sneakers to school,but for my college class I changed to my black boots because the streets were so slushy!It was hard walking fast around the campus without slipping to not be late for class.I had cute curls in my hair,but they got messed up with the weather and my hoodie.I will try to wake up earlier and take photos right after I get dressed,because by the time that I get home my hair and make-up looks a bit different.


  1. I totally agree that weather can be a complete pain :) but I love your umbrella

    Love vanilla

  2. i hate it when weather gets in the way of fashion!

  3. haha yeah I try to make the best of this weather :)