Friday, April 9, 2010

Leather Studded Kiss

Top:Old Navy
Jeans:Wet Seal
Jacket:Forever 21
Necklace:Old Navy
            It was a bit rainy this morning so I based my outfit around this jacket.I added this teal top because I like the ruffles and the goldish-bronze detailing.My neck felt naked so I wore this cute heart shaped necklace.The jacket adds an edgy vibe to this girly ruffled top.I got a lot of compliments on my outfit,mostly my jacket.Have a fun weekend!
P.S. I had my 4 year old nephew take these photos because no one else was home.


  1. Cute teal top!!!

    and to answer your question on my blog, I bought the oxford flats from Aldo. They are now on sale too!

  2. I love your outfit!
    The red jacket is perfection.
    I bet it goes very cool with
    everything =)


    -The Girl at the Atelier's Closet

  3. haha I've only worn it once,but I'm sure it does :)