Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lock Me Down


Top : ?
Jeggings : Target
Flats : Justice
Necklace : present
Earrings : present 

I went on a trip with my college class to Poe Cottage,it was Edgar Allan Poe's last home and the place where his wife died.It was kind of creepy taking a tour of his house,I felt like an invader.But it was a really cool experience,being where Poe wrote Annabel Lee.My outfit was inspired a lot by my trip,Poe's poems are very gothic and have a macabre theme.Hence the pad locks on my top and me wearing black jeans instead of blue.Even the off the shoulder  tee is very "poetic".I could really see myself jamming at a poet fest in the Village or Central Park haha.
P.S I wore gold and silver flat sandals to school this morning but,it was raining so for the trip I changed to flats.

1 comment:

  1. u loook adorable!

    im glad u had a great time at the poe cottage