Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dominican Hippie

Top : Gilly Hicks/Jeans : Gap/Sandals : Limited Too/Necklace : F21/Sunnies : Wet Seal/Denim Jacket : Target
Thanks to all the new people for commenting & following,I hope you all fall in love with my blog & come back :)
My tumblr is also having some success.I sometimes post things that have happened to me or bother me,but recently got in trouble at school for it :P So you'll be seeing more photos than words.Please tell me your feed back & if you have a tumblr leave the link below.
Since I don't have school this week I'm on the hunt for an after school/weekend job.I applied to Hollister in SoHo its the biggest one in the world(like 5 floors).My interview was this morning I came 15 minutes late because it took me and hour and a half to get ready which is ridiculous,the bus wasn't working,the train came late & was running local.I was so embarrassed to show up at my first job interview late.I was told to come back in the afternoon for the next interview.I think God allowed that to for my advantage;my interview group was small & I was the first one there so I got to answer all the questions first.I even found a dollar on my way home haha.The "look policy" is a bit ridiculous.The only jewelery I can wear is studs,my hair can't be back,it has to be soft & natural looking same with my make-up and nails.Big time stores like Bergdorf's let you play with accesories,make-up & hair.What's up with Hollister?Anyways,if I don't get the job I hope I get hired at a  cafe in SoHo or I'll apply to another Hollister.I can't wait until I'm 18 so I can work anywhere!
Have a fab day!


  1. You look so cute! I love that bright scarf.
    xo Josie

  2. Love the pics, you look great :)

  3. You look so cute!! Love your sandals!

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  4. thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. Such a sweet outfit. I love the shoes:) Happy Monday

  6. Lol - I googled dominican hippie and came to your page. Just wanted to share my dominican hippie: