Saturday, June 11, 2011

Always the bridesmaid,never the bride.

limo ride

first dance


the bouquet

the flower girls
My first time being a bridesmaid and I'm only 17!My Guinean friend from school is 22 and had a semi arranged marriage.She got married to her uncle's friend who is in his 30s,but she got to meet and hang out with him before the wedding,so it isn't like she met him the day of the wedding.It was weird being the ONLY non-African there,but I didn't mind,I like being introduced to new cultures.We got our make-up done African style,took photos at Central Park and partied the night away :)
                                  Have you ever been a bridesmaid?


  1. congrats to your friend

    u girls all look fabulous

  2. You look so cute! Love that red dress on you.
    xo Josie

  3. cute dress love the color!

  4. I've always wanted to be a bridesmaid! You look gorgeous :)

  5. lucky you! ive never been a bridesmaid.

    you look gorgeous, by the way :)

  6. Hola! me escribiste en español! supongo que lo hablas y lees bien cierto?
    De todos modos me avisas para no estar perdida :S
    Que lindos vestidos y que bien te veías :)

    Desde ahora soy tu nueva seguidora.
    Nos vemos!

  7. I've never been one before. But looking like that I would'nt mind at all ;-)

  8. Me encanta todas de rojo!!!!!!!

    Besos rojos ;-)

    Thanks for your comment! ;-)

  9. Wow, your dress orange are fantastic! Thanks for your visit and your comment. if you want, we can follow eachother! Do you live in New York?
    Kisses guapa!


  10. I love that last pic! you look gorgous and that dress is stunning xx

  11. You look beautiful! Red is most definitely your color. Being a bridesmaid is so much fun. I was a junior bridesmaid for the first time when I was very young...maybe 10. And then I was a real bridesmaid when I was 17 too :) xoxo