Saturday, July 16, 2011

My First Red Carpet

Matthew Lewis(Neville)
Tom Felton (Malfoy)
The Hulk
Meet the Fockers
Emma Watson
Tom Felton & Matthew Lewis
Rupert Grint
I'm so glad my university is only 4 blocks away from Lincoln Center!My friend and I ran out of school to get to the red carpet premier thinking we wouldn't get to be up close or meet anyone.Our luck quickly changed when a security guard took us to the front and we were standing in the third row!I was only there for 30minutes and there were people who camped out for 6 days!We would have stayed longer but it was 100 degrees F & Danielle Radcliffe was late!
Tee :Gilly Hicks $4.95/Shorts : H&M/Belt : f21


  1. Fantástico! me imagino lo emocionante que debe haber sido estar allí :)
    Aunque aún me pregunto qué dirán esos autógrafos algo extraños que te dibujaron jaja.

    Nos vemos linda!

  2. That's so cool! What a rad experience! :)

  3. Ah this is so cool! Lucky, lucky. I've never experienced anything like this!

  4. lucky!!! must have been a cool experience! oh how i miss lincoln center...


  5. This is SO cool -- I'm super jealous!
    xo Josie

  6. No way! How cool that you got to go! I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan out there, but I appreciate it since it is a part of my childhood (and what's not to like about it?) I would have loved to have gone to the premier though! Great shot of Neville! hehe!

  7. ooh im so jealous! I loooove harry potter! xx