Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I miss you guys!

This was an outfit I wore from school to work.I really like the leather shorts from Rampage,they're a little bit high waisted but not too tight. 
I haven't made an outfit of the day post in a very long time.But now that I am done with my seasonal job at Bloomingdale's I should have more time.As my winter break is ending I am trying to get done with all my errands.I finally got my permit and have been applying to stores including Macy's,Giorgio Armani,Aerosoles & Free People.Cross your fingers!Mama needs a part-time job.
This is my new Chloe perfume,it smells like clean laundry which is always refreshing.


  1. hi there pretttty lady!!!
    u look beautiful and i hope great things come to you in 2012

  2. That outfit is great! I love those leather shorts. They are too cute!

  3. Love the outfit! Also love Chloe. It's one of my faves :) xoxo

  4. Your hair looks amazing!
    xo Josie