Monday, May 31, 2010

Money can't buy you class,Elegance is love my friends

                                                                  at Bryant Park
                                                         some building lobby
 elevator in Zara
 American Girl Place
V-Neck : Aeropostale
Skirt : TJ Maxx
Flats : Limited Too
Necklace : Tiffany's
Sunglasses : Wet Seal
Earrings : Justice
Bag : Louis Vuitton 
I wore this on Saturday May 29th to be about in Manhattan.My sister's job(MAC store in Times Square) was having some sort of event with models and this big board where I signed my name.So she made an appointment for my friend and I to get our make-up done at 8:30 pm.We arrived at down town around 5pm and explored everything!NBC store,Crumbs Bakery,Bryant Park,American Girl Place,Hershey & M&M store,Rockefeller Center.So much in one day,I felt like a tourist! 


  1. looks like fun! :) thanks for looking at my blog.

  2. You look absolutely adorable! I have a skirt a lot like that one; I love it!
    xxoo Josie

  3. hahah you totally have me singing that song right now! You look too cute. Love the outfit sweetie :)