Saturday, May 15, 2010

Uma menina apaxionada

Top : Target
Shorts : Target
Sandals : Justice
Bracelet : Gift
       I wore this outfit on May 5th and I bought the top & shorts the night before.When I sat down in class my shorts disappeared! haha When I'm standing up straight it is hard to tell that I have shorts under.I can picture myself wearing this top over a bathing suit.Can't wait for summer!
     I really liked how I did my hair this morning,see what happens when I wake up a few minutes earlier!I started off with my usual off center/side part,braided random sections of hair & to enhance my natural curls wet some of my hair.Of course it looked better in the morning,these were taken around 6 pm when I got home from rehearsal.
    I should really start waking up earlier to take my photos in the morning,when my hair & make-up is at its best!

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