Friday, June 18, 2010

Moon River I'm crossing you in style some day

Dress : Target
Bolero : Limited Too
Wedges : Limited Too
Key Necklaces : Tiffany's via China Town
Purse : My mom's vintage
   After my geometry regent my best friend & I went to a  friend's apartment and hung out on her 1st floor fire escape,it was a bit scary,I didn't want to move around much haha.Her little sister locked us out for a bit.I tried something new with my hair,I made braids with two small sections in the front and tied them in the back to keep my hair out of my face :)I had to take pics on the fire escape,it reminded me of Breakfast at Tiffany's =]
P.S. I apologize for the crappy camera quality,we used my friend's camera.
oh & my grandparents came from Florida for 2 weeks


  1. Great dress ! I love it :)

  2. That dress is gorgeous, it suits you perfectly!

    Cute blog (: xo

  3. i love your dress. the print is just beautiful

  4. Love your maxidress -- super cute, my dear!
    xo Josie

  5. adorable pictures love the dress!

    Anna Katrina

  6. i love these fire escape pictures, especially the ones where you're peeking out the window! :)

  7. Love the dress! What a great find - I love target :)

  8. That's a Target dress?? No way! I love it!! Is it this season? I they're getting better and better all the time. Oh, and love those stair shots!

  9. they're from last season I bought it September of '09

  10. I love NY and your blog!
    I follow you,
    follow me if you want

  11. isn't my blog awsome too?:P
    i love your dress, NY and target!