Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer like never before

Hey bloggers!How is everyone's Spring coming along?Mine is just great,I can't wait for the summer to start,BUT it is finals week and then next week is regents(NYS exams) week.I can't pay as much attention to my blog as I used to because my high school career depends on these exams :)
Guess what!I found out I got accepted to the summer arts academy @ Lehman College!I'm stoked my friend James(from my theater workshop) also go accepeted!Its a vigorous 5 week theater class worth 4 college credits,at the end we perform our play at the summer festival.I have orientation in a few weeks.Oh & I also found out I got a  B on my English 110 class also taken at Lehman College!!!
Any plans for the summer,my lovely followers?

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