Tuesday, July 13, 2010

smart had one good idea,and that was stupid

The lavender color is by OPI,I can't remember if its Do You Lilac It? or something else and the silver glitter is by China Glaze.
Hey bloggers,sorry I keep posting photos from like 2 weeks ago,I'm trying to catch up. =] I wore this on Thursday July 1st to go to the college in which my friend will be attending this fall.I like the building it is very modern and has a clean hospital look to it because its all white and glass.We walked all the way to the college which took us almost an hour,that explains why I'm wearing sneakers,it was a bit chilly and windy so I wore my new jeans.I LOVE them :)

Top : Target
Jeans : Gap
Sneakers : Converse
Belt : Target
Bag : Limited Too

P.S. Sorry for the crappy photo quality,the photos were taken by my friend's cell.
Btw : My theater class is going great!We are going to perform a play created by college students from Boston University called 'Voice of High School'.I auditioned for the part of Juliet(Shakespeare) and Judy(a clumpsy teen going to prom) using Act 2 Scene 2 of Romeo & Juliet.To my surprise I didn't get the part of Juliet,I felt like my professor made me portray the character as someone I didn't want.I wanted Juliet to be a feminine love struck girl,but instead she made me get angry and express me feelings through the air by yelling and hitting the floor,;basically crush my idea of what I wanted Juliet to be.But this is how she teaches theater and she knows more than me so I must assume she knows what she is doing :) On the bright side I got the part of Judy and a short monologue.


  1. That nail polish is such a gorgeous shade -- LOVE IT.
    xo Josie

  2. Oh I love your nails! And I like how one of them is sparkly, good idea. :D

  3. Ohh you look so cute. Looove the nail polish

  4. i like the gold of ur nails and ur casual look too :)

  5. I love the casual outfit, you look good. The sneakers are my favorite part.

  6. genial las uñas!y la diadema tambien me gusta mucho :)

  7. great outfit, so cute!

    xx raez

  8. Love the title of your post!! Cute pictures!! xoxoxoxoo

  9. So cute and comfy!
    I would wear this when visiting in the Caribbean =)


    -The Girl at the Atelier's Closet