Friday, November 26, 2010

A very pink sweet 16

Peach Dress : Forever 21 
Jacket : Target
Sandals : Steve Madden
Purse : Vintage
Earrings : Old Navy
Bracelets : 
I finally found the wire to my camera,which means I'll probably be posting photos from 3 months ago.This was taken the same day I went to the Katy Perry concert at Rockefellar Plaza.It was such a busy and tiring day,I got to the concert at 4am and was standing up for hours!I came home to rest for a few hours and then went to my best friend's friend's sweet 16.Her nickname is Pinky because she likes pink,as you can see by the decorations.It was a small Jamaican party held at the basement of a Brazilian restaurant.Although I only knew 2 people,I still had fun with my best friend.My favorite part was the mini beef patties.I didn't wear heels because I didn't think I needed to go all out for someone I don't know,I wasn't the only who wore flat sandals,so it was fine.Since I had flat sandals I made my look a bit more casual with a denim jacket.


  1. Awww your pink dress is so pretty! I think it was genius to pair it with the denim jacket. Such a cute look. :)

  2. you look so beautiful:)))


  3. Congrats! Love your dress!


  4. What a cute dress! Nice light colour.

  5. gorgeous dress!! thanks for your lovely comment!! :)

  6. I love that dress so much! I want it! Cute with the denim jacket too; I like how a jean jacket can dress down an otherwise fancier dress and make it that much cuter at the same time! :)

  7. You look stunning babe!!!


  8. Hello....I just found your blog link...LOVE the peach dress with the denim look adorable:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  9. the pink dress looks really cute on you :) love your bangles!

  10. Your peach dress is beautiful on you! And I'm so jealous you saw katy perry in person, is she amazing?!

    P.S. thanks for checking out my blog :) made my day!