Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Last Opening Act Performance

3LD Theater

This was my last semester at Opening Act (the best improv company in NYC).We have teaching artists who are professional actors/teachers come to our high school to guide us in creating our play from scratch!This semester our themes were fate,destiny & the after world.Our play is called "Attempting Fate".All of our original scenes involved strong characters who were either dead or alive.My character Betty,was a strong 65 year old editor in chief of Fashion Magazine.She is bossy,demanding,bitchy and everything I'm not.It was a challenge playing her,but one I wasn't going to back down from.Betty dies of old age & meets Ryan a 19 year old who has been wandering her office spying her for the past 3 years.They fall in love in the after life & he ends up singing the song he wrote for me :)


  1. Hi wow! This sounds interesting, do you ever have stage fright? and how did you manage to remember all the lines? I never manage to remember lines!lol! wish I could see your performance:)

  2. Thank You :)
    és muito bonita :)

  3. you look very cute!